This blog is devoted to all the avid readers (or ‘Book Babies’) who just have to get their hands on the latest novels (or ‘First Editions’) before anyone else does! But here’s the kicker: this does not limit this blog to books that came out within the year. The way I see it, every book is the latest novel to the person reading it. Like my little loop hole? I certainly do!

I will be writing reviews of each book that I read, and I hope they prove useful to those looking for their next great find. I am always game for comments or debate. For those who read as often as I do, this blog may just turn into our own little book club. I am also hoping that suggestions will be made by my readers, so do not hesitate to send me to my local book store!

Classics, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Mystery/Crime, Romance, Adventure, Horror, Comedy, Drama… I am open to it all!

So let’s get started.

Once Upon A Time…