99 Days by Katie Cotugno


Ughhhhh it took me way too long to get through this book…

And you know what that means!! I wasn’t a fan. Here’s why:

  1. Molly… girl, you’re such a terrible character. Notice that I didn’t say person, I said character. Most readers would probably hate her as as person like the other characters in the book did. After all, she did sleep with her ex’s brother the same day they broke up, and then dated that brother the next summer while screwing around with the ex behind his back. That’s some messed up shit! Of course the whole town thinks she is all whore, and the Donnelly family hates Molly for pitting the brothers against each other. So you see, most readers would just hate her because she’s the town slut. But I hate her as a written character because she has no redeeming qualities. There is no point in the flashbacks or present that proves to me why the brothers, Gabe and Patrick, are so obsessed with her. Sure, they’ve grown up together and she feels like part of the Donnelly clan, but can we see a flashback where she does something adorable or irresistible?! All she seems to do is whine and sulk. Show her fun side! What makes these boys love her enough to fight over her?! I honestly don’t get it. And then she doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes, spending the 99 days making out with both brothers and then acting surprised when they fist fight about it?! Control yourself girl. It’s not that hard. I thought she was supposed to be smart? Most of the time she acts like an idiot. She also makes out with Patrick even though he has a girlfriend, who is Tess… Molly’s friend. Seriously?! Everything ends up blowing up in Molly’s face in the end because she’s too selfish to fix things. That’s honestly the best thing about this book… this horribly conceived character is punished for all her worst qualities.
  2. Patrick and Gabe rivalry – the brotherly fighting is a bit predictable and cheese ball. Their competition for Molly’s love is painfully obvious to everyone but Molly (again, what an idiot). It may have ended with them actually loving her, but it was obvious that it just started at of revenge and competition. 
  3. Patrick- I hated him almost as much as I hated Molly. What a dick! What did Molly see in him?! He closed her off after the whole boarding school convo and broke up with her, and then spends the next summer making out with her behind Gabe’s back out of revenge, not love. I mean, he tells Molly not to break up with Gabe and that he won’t break up with Tess… so he doesn’t want to be with her like someone who truly loves you, but just wants to cheat with her. In all the flashbacks he just seems boring, mean and possessive. Again, I can’t help but wonder what that attraction is?! I would have been dating Gabe from the start!!! GABE IS SUCH A SWEET HEART!  He had a crush on Molly, he listened when she spoke about boarding school, when dating the next summer he was such a gentleman, even when his family was against them. Yes, he did have sex with his brother’s ex the day they broke up… but that wasn’t just a quickie with a random. Bad timing, yes. But he loved her. It wasn’t part of some master plan to piss off Patrick… I can forgive him for that. Of course, dating her the next summer may have started with bad intentions (to piss off Patrick), but it’s not like the love he had for her went away. And he was a friend to Molly when no one else was. Their relationship might have started out in a bad way, but it was real. Patrick was always just… ughhhhh icky dick face to me… haha sorry!
  4. The fact that her mom wrote a novel about her daughter’s sex life. HA!  I didn’t mind the conflict that it brought out between Molly and her mom, but I hated when Molly used the book as a connection to her own problems. It was cheesy. What would she do? I should flip a coin over these boys. And the fact that she said she was rooting for the girl in the book by the end?! Oh my god, NO! Stop trying to make parallels, Cotugno! Just because Molly is rooting for her counterpart in her mom’s book doesn’t mean the reader is rooting for Molly! For me, far from it! I just wanted her to crash and burn to get the story over with. 
  5. Each day as a chapter – I like the concept, but Cotugno didn’t follow through completely. I know every day in someone’s life can’t be interesting or note worthy, but you’re allowed some freedom in fiction writing. Some of the chapters were barely a sentence, while others were completely boring. Just make something happen each day, even if it’s just a conversation with Imogen or another run in with Julia. Something should happen if you don’t want a reader’s eyes to roll. These cop out I pouted in bed or I watched a documentary chapters were annoying. If you want me to keep reading, make it interesting! 

I could go on about the minor details of this story I didn’t like, but I think you get the idea already.

Other than my approval of Gabe, I’ll leave you with something that I did like about the book. I was pleased with Cotugno’s final lesson of the book; something all graduating students need to remember before they leave high school…

There’s a whole new world out there kiddies! Your home town is not the end.

I like that Cotugno is reminding the reader that their past and reputation in their home town is not forever. Move on, grow, reinvent yourselves! Enjoy the world, not just a pea sized portion of it. You’re more than who you were in high school; don’t let it define you!

A surprising lesson from an unsurprising novel. I can respect Cotugno for this.

I may not have liked this book, but I’m sure a handful of book babies will find it enjoyable in their own way. As always, I don’t want to discourage you all from reading! Give it a chance and draw your own conclusions. 

Or read it because you’re interested in seeing first hand all the things I spoke about! Haha after my review, you might find it funny… 

Either way, read on Book Babies!


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