Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure by Emma Campbell Webster



First of all, this book has nothing to do with the mini series Lost in Austen, though I highly recommend that you should watch that hilarious, heartwarming series if your an Austen fan!

Choose Your Own Adventure books are like a gateway for your imagination, introducing you to a world of excitement and possibilities. They truly make reading an epic adventure! Don’t you remember reading these types of books as a kid? How much fun you and your siblings/friends had as you discovered new treasures, traveled to new lands, and met interesting people? It was always a great way to spend an afternoon, finding out who had the greatest adventure amongst the group.

As I got older, I found that no one was really putting out Choose Your Own Adventure novels for teens or adults, so the magic died away.

Years later, I wake up one day to find THIS EXCITING BOOK posted on the website of my local bookstore. If I were living in a day time soup opera, I would be on the floor as someone fans me in a pathetic attempt to wake me from my unconscious state.

Not only did I get to reintroduce Choose Your Own Adventure books to my bookshelf, but I had to great fortune of finding a Jane Austen version!


This adventure is a lot of fun because Webster combines all six of Austen’s novels into one fantastic world. You play the game as Elizabeth Bennet, playing out the start of Pride and Prejudice. As you make decisions, you slowly weave your way through the events of Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion. You can follow the story as Austen laid it out for you, but you can also change the outcome by making the choices that always made you wonder what if?

For example…
What if Lizzie decided to marry Darcy after his first proposal?
What if she married Wickham?
What if she married Collins?
I won’t give away the answers to these questions, but I will say that they are all very interesting choices.

And then based on your choices, you can end up jumping to another novel! I was invited to Hartfield and Northanger Abbey, I was acting in a play, I strolled the streets of Bath and the shores of Lyme, and so much more! It’s great to see what happens when you disrupt a story by adding a whole new character into the mix. As Elizabeth, I was proposed to by so many different men throughout Austen’s six novels!

I had a total blast with this book, and the best part is that I still can! Every time you read it, the story changes (if you allow it). I’ve had plenty of different outcomes, including the following:

I refused far too many marriage proposals, so I became a spinster and died alone. (I lost)
Darcy and Wickham had a duel for my love, but I got caught in the crossfire and died. (I lost)
I stole the delicious Mr Knightly from Emma and had a lovely marriage. (I won)
And plenty of others!

To explain the winning and losing, te point of the adventure is to make a happy, prudent match of love. If you can do that, you win the game! But Webster added a couple of obstacles to the adventure that test you. Your success depends on how well you do in the following categories: accomplishments, intelligence, confidence, connections and fortune. This makes the adventure a lot harder and more exciting than anything you played as kid! One wrong answer could land you on the wrong path, penniless and loveless. It’s hard to try and make a comeback before you lose (because let’s face it, who wants to lose?! Gotta win win win no matter what!)

Like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, this book is great for people who are interested in reading Austen for the first time, or classics in general, but are still worried about reading the real thing. You get enough of the storyline to get you hooked, and perhaps persuade you that classics aren’t as scary as they seem.

I believe that any Austen fangirl would love this book as much as I did! It’s so much fun that you’ll be reading it again and again! And even if your not someone who tends to read classics or Austen, I think you’ll still enjoy the nostalgia of book. Choose Your Own Adventure books need to make a comeback, and I believe that Webster’s Austen adventure is a great start! Enjoy the fun, Book Babies!

Before I finish, I would just like to ask you Book Babies for your assistance. If you know of any other great Choose Your Own Adventure novels, please let me know about them! Greatly appreciated!


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