25 used books, new to my shelf… that should keep me busy



Just spent the last two days picking up books from my local second hand stores. Not only were they already marked down as used books, but I got a fifth book free for every four I bought AND my entire purchase was 30% off. So I found ten books on the first day and fifteen on the second. I should be busy for a a month or so.

I also made a woman’s day. She was happy to see someone my age still reading, smiling as I put the fifteenth book into my cart. I told her that there is nothing better in the world than a good book, and she agreed!

I was tempted to run to the coat section of the store and grab a faux fur (not real, because that is cruel) so I could reenact this lovely comic. It makes me laugh every time I see it, so I thought I’d share it with you. All Book Babies know that they’d make it rain money if they could, but we’re a bit too polite to throw our money at hardworking cashiers… haha!


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