Between the Lines AND Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer



These are the only Jodi Picoult novels I’ve ever dared to read, and it’s in part to her daughter be a co-author. With a younger writer to lend a pen, I figured that it wouldn’t be the kind of heartbreaking illness or family crisis books we are used to seeing with Jodi. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed!

These books stole my heart, my imagination, and my fangirl devotion. They’re the kind of books that I believe every Book Baby will enjoy because they take you back to the reasons why you fell in love with reading in the first place.

The story revolves around a Book Baby, Delilah, who is obsessed with a children’s fairytale. Prince Oliver is the only person she wishes to confide in about her outcast status and troublesome home life, but she never expected him to talk back.

No, you did not just read that wrong.
And no, I did not make a typo.


This fairytale comes to life! Delilah gets the chance to talk to the characters, and even enter their world! And I don’t just mean that in the way that we readers normally enter a book through our imaginations… I mean she LITERALLY enters the book!

Book Babies of every generation have wished to enter the world of a book at least once in their life. If you’re like me, it’s more like twenty or thirty times.
When you were 11, you waited for an owl with an invitation to Hogwarts.
When Frodo couldn’t carry the ring alone, tou wanted to help Sam pull him up the mountain.
When Bella lost Edward and curled up into the fetal postion, you wanted to slap her stupid face, and then slap your own for reading anything past the first chapter of this first book.

HAHAHAHA sorry, I couldn’t resist! If you like Twilight, that’s your business. I’m not hating on you. But now you know my position on the story; it’s laughable.

Back to Picoult and Van Leer!

Not only do we get to see Delilah enter the world of the book, but we also get to see Oliver leave the book to join her in the real world!

I am jealous of Delilah. I wish I was her. This is just way too cool.

The other thing I like about these stories is the fact that they give teens and adults the chance to fall in love with fairytales again without being embarrassed about it. Delilah is made fun of for liking a children’s book, but the reader is given the chance to read the same children’s book within the novels without feeling foolish. It’s a smart, mature and inventive way to bring the fairytale genre to people who have more than a single digit in their age. I don’t feel the need to read this out loud to a baby cousin or kindergarten class; no excuse is necessary. Although, I would still recommend using this for storytime! I can see myself reading this to my future munchkins before bed.

And if course, THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!!!

Here are a few examples to spike your interest:




The story that these pictures tell on their own is simply magical!
Every page of these novels made my smile. I was just waiting for Oliver to reach his hand out and pull me in! I will be reading this books over and over again, and I’m sure I’ll find new things about it that I love every time.
I have NOTHING bad to say about these books. They are perfect in every way!

I know you’ll all get lost in this fairytale, Book Babies! Let the magic take hold! You won’t regret it.


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